project info


Bird is a creatively independent production company, a thriving social and creative hub, a collective of like-minded individuals working on an array of film projects, from feature length productions to TCVs. The brief was to work with the collective to create a visual identity that was bold: Strong use of bold ideas is evident in their work. Experimental: experimentation plays a major part in all of the activities that surround BIRD. Collaborative: one supports the other.

The logotype that was created to be the primary visual identity of the collective, emphasised these key traits. The tactile nature of the work and also the interconnected processes they use when working on a project.

To create a visual identity that represents BIRD as an innovative, bold collective of like-
minded people who embrace what it is to be creative. key outcomes are to develop a visual language that characterises all facets of BIRD.

— Concept
— Brand identity
— Design
— Collateral
— Typography